Multithreading In C# 5.0 Cookbook

Multithreading In C# 5.0 Cookbook

Мой MVP коллега и очень высококлассный специалист Евгений Агафонов выпустил книгу о многопоточном программировании на C#. Купить в электронном виде можно всего за $5.00.

RTM Version of Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine

ALMGuru: Visual Studio, Team Foundation and beyond

Brian Keller posted new updated version of famous Visual Studio ALM virtual machine. This machine now contains RTM version of Visual Studio 2013, TFS and Release Management. As usual, there are hands-on-labs / demo scripts as well. You can download it from:

You can also find a consolidated list of all of the ALM virtual machines here:

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Tools that simplify your TFS management’s life

Полезные инструменты для управления TFS

ALMGuru: Visual Studio, Team Foundation and beyond

TFS Team Project Manager

Automates various tasks across Team Projects in Team Foundation Server. If you find yourself managing multiple Team Projects for an organization and have recurring tasks and questions that repeat themselves over and over again, Team Project Manager probably has some answers for you.

TFS Team Project Manager

TFS Event Manager

Allows you to manage Team Foundation Server event subscriptions as well as help troubleshoot event job processing.
If you’ve read Grant’s blog you’ll know why this is convenient.

TFS Event Manager

TFS Workspaces Cleaner

Deletes Team Foundation Server workspaces that have not been accessed in a number of days, along with their files locally on disk.
This is especially useful on build servers, where build definitions that have not run in a while can take up large amounts of disk space (which is not even cleaned up by build retention policies). Since it is a command-line tool, this cleanup can…

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Интервью новостям 5 канала. Лето 2013 года. Киев

Мой коллега Владимир Безмалый отвечает вопросы по безопасности.

Быть, а не казаться

Летом 2013 года я давал интервью программе новостей 5 канала (Киев). Естественно в новостях показали пару фраз. Захотелось выложить полную версию черновика.

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Running unit tests that use Microsoft Fakes on Team Build

Программисту на заметку

ALMGuru: Visual Studio, Team Foundation and beyond

As you may know I worked on TFS Branch Tool which is one of the ALM Rangers solutions. As usual we are dogfooding latest technology and at some point our builds started failing. We tried to investigate cause and found that product team deployed latest VS 2013 bits into golden image of the agent. We identified that some of the tests that use Microsoft Fakes are failing on hosted build. Don’t be surprised that everything was fine on developer’s computer. So, business as usual.

As it often happens in developer’s life finding of the root cause usually takes 90% of time that needed for solving an issue. Symptoms were very strange — failing unit tests behaved same way like Fakes aren’t running at all. In our case we tested the code that uses Team Foundation Client OM and we had shims to avoid connection to real Team Foundation Server. So, tests are failing because code under test is…

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Запуск PowerShell из процедруы сборки в Team Foundation Server 2013

А знаете ли Вы, что в новой версии Team Foundation Build можно теперь запускать PowerShell скрипты?

Доступны Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2013 RTM

Финальные версии Visual Studio и Team Foundation Server 2013 доступны для скачивания.

ALMGuru: Visual Studio, Team Foundation and beyond

I am happy to share news from Chuck. He just announced product availability in Visual Studio ALM and Team Foundation Server Blog:

Visual Studio 2013 has been released to the web!

Download Visual Studio 2013

Save the date for Visual Studio 2013 Launch on Nov 13th

— Read the release announcements on Soma’s blog (for VS 2013 RTM) and Blogging Windows (for Windows 8.1)

This release has been an amazing ride. While adopting agile development processes across the entire developer division, we have constantly been adding value to Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 -all while planning and working on a new version of Visual Studio -2013. For Application Lifecycle Management, I have been grouping our efforts into 3 large loosely defined groups of features:

Quality enablement

Quality Enablement is ensuring application quality is pushed upstream so issues aren’t found late in the development cycle and…

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