Вышла новая версия TFS Integration Platform

Если вы мигрируете, експортируете, импортируете или синхоронизируете данные в в/из TFS, то советую обновить Вашу версию TFS Integration Platform. Версия 2.1, в основном, содержит в себе исправление дефектов. Также, в ней значительно улучшена стабильность.

Вот список исправленных проблем:

  • VC adapter: code review should use cloaked path for pending change comparison
  • VC adapter: Branch, Merge, Edit code review failure
  • 2 way sync conflict not handled correctly
  • Created Date greater than Resolved Date for some WIs ported by TFS Migration tool service
  • VC adapter: Branch, Merge, Edit code review failure
  • Icons branding shell evoke tools and toolkit
  • Dev10 Work Item Tests are hard-coded to use ReflectedWorkItemId field
  • Integration service (SqlChangeGroup) threw OOM exceptions
  • A directory , which contains an sub directory which is not visible over the Config Spec causes tool to exit with error.
  • VC adapter: content conflict resolution (take right) is not working when conflict was raised while pipeline flows from right to left
  • Shell: help link in edit view is not working
  • TFS 2010 WIT adapter: custom network-topology link gets deleted in bi-directional sync
  • VC migration does not correctly handle the case of multiple filter paths when one path is a child of another
  • TFS merges with identical content should appear as changes in CC
  • Labels added to ClearCase when "LabelAllVersions" is true should be logged at Info level
  • Bi-directional WIT tests: right side filter string generated does not included the work items migrated from the left to right
  • WIT: Migration / sync of work item to work item links does not occur until a field change is made to one of the work items
  • nightly WIT tests are failing with nullref
  • WIT migration/sync: Conflicts of type WITUnmappedWITConflictType and WorkItemTypeNotExistConflictType should not cause the current trip to stop
  • Some changesets are migrated from TFS to CC more than once
  • ClearCase (forum post): User unable to configure ClearCase to TFS migration in Shell
  • ClearCase (forum post): User unable to run ClearCase to TFS migration due to exception parsing date in CC history row
  • Null Ref exception in Subversion Adapter
  • Null Ref exception in SubversionShellAdapter
  • Undelete tests are timing out due to unresolved code review conflicts
  • FilterPairs with AreaPath values block on ValidationException: TF51011: The node specified is not found in the classification hierarchy
  • Docs should say that TestCases migration is not supported
  • Null reference exception occurs in ClearCase adapter when CC ls command output is empty
  • ClearQuest — TFS sync: Duplicate bugs are created in TFS
  • ClearQuest — TFS sync: Editing a bug in TFS that originated as a CQ Defect causes Runtime Error with COMException on call to ClearQuest API
  • ClearQuest — TFS sync: editing State field of a TFS Bug causes ArgumentNullException and stops sync if change would result in invalid CQ state transition
  • ClearQuest — TFS sync: adding an attachment to either a CQ Defect or a TFS Bug does not work
  • ClearQuest adapter fails to detect changes in ClearQuest when timezone is greater than UTC because it uses local time for the HighWaterMark
  • ClearQuest — TFS sync: changing the only the State of a ClearQuest Defect does not cause it to be sync’d until another field is changed
  • Dogfood: HWM data stored in SYNC_POINT table is wrong causing ServerDiff WIT to ignore many differences (and other problems)
  • Pioneer Upgrade: Hierarchy links don’t sync properly
  • WIT sync fails for fields of type double with "decimal point is comma" setting
  • ClearQuest — Migration is blocked by error on query for ClearQuest items to migrate if the CQ database server uses a Date format that is not the ISO standard format
  • ClearQuest — ServerDiff Wit command does not work at all when the CQ filter string specifies a CQ stored query (very common)
  • Key constraint violation occurs on the TFS_IntegrationPlatform DB when resolving a Namespace Conflict

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